Hello there! I'm Nina

and I draw on stuff. 

window painting


I hail from Switzerland, and have settled in the warmth of Brooklyn, NY. I am a freelance illustrator and designer with a Bachelor in Visual Arts and a Masters in Media Arts.

Some of my recent work include my first illustration book, the 24H Book, a tree guard design installed in Brooklyn and a mural for the rad Impeesa Productions office in Lyon, France.  I am currently in the midst of illustrating my first children book  written by the incredible team Mike and Mackenzie Morrison. 

 When I am not drawing some googly-eyed little dudette, I knit hats . I also swing dance and love pro-wrestling. I do not have a favorite color (errr, maybe a soft yellow...) 

I am available for commissions and collaborations. Get in touch! 

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Petites Pattes


Pattes de Mouche [pat də muʃis a french expression akin to "chicken scratch". It's a humorous idiom that directly translates to "fly's legs", referencing the wiggly hair on the bug's legs looking like a squiggle! It's always made me chuckle, and it seemed fitting for my doodles, so voilà!