Handmade Journals & First lapel pin!

Finally! I've just revamped my Etsy shop !

I've been wanting to put my shop back on track after having it on "vacation mode" for something like two years! I'm focusing on limited edition and either unique or handmadeitems rather than stuff like cards or art print for now. I've started by addingthe little blank notebooks I've been making over the summer.  I really love these! I make them from scratch, I cut all the pages, bind them, paint the covers, it just feels really good to make stuff that you can't really replicate.  When someone gets one, it feels like I've made it especially for them, which isn't untrue...  I took lots of pics of the process, they're on Instagram if you're curious. 

Check them out either in the Etsy shop or right here


I've also made my first lapel pin, I really like this guy. Isn't he adorable? My little birdie!! 😍😍

He's been adorning my backpack AND my jean jacket, because, hey I gotta rep it! I'm hoping to bring him some friends soon, stay tuned :)